"Whether it's your brand, your business strategy or your life...Lisa gets you. She has an amazing ability to observe you at your core and help you build a powerful vision that fits like your favorite pair of jeans. After working with Lisa, I felt like I knew myself and my company better than ever before. Her work unlocks your unseen potential and empowers you to continue growing on your own."

– Chuck Longanecker, CEO Digital Telepathy


"I was ready for changes in my business life, but didn't realize what I'd be getting into with Lisa:  Life changing, heart-anchoring peace, and clarity of vision, direction, and opportunities. Lisa brings invaluable tools that have led to remarkable discoveries within myself. She is positive and shows an overwhelmed professional that the simplest of techniques can make great, positive change. Oh, and now that I've worked with her, I actually breathe!"
– Celia Sepulveda, PhD

“The time with Lisa and the horses far exceeded my expectations about what I could learn about myself and leadership. The session was the epitome of “show, don’t tell” in demonstrating how powerful we truly are as individuals. Lisa’s ability to observe, connect and provoke both inspires and pushes you out of your comfort zone – two required ingredients for personal growth. "

– Mark Tomaszewicz, Director of Customer Strategy, Sharp Health Plan


"Lisa offers a rare gift of insight and guidance within a container of love, inspiration and transcendence. My work with her and the horses was nothing short of profound as Lisa reflected a fundamental energetic and behavioral pattern that has not been serving me my whole life. No one has ever given me such fundamental, necessary teaching. I feel like I've learned to walk for the first time. In a WHOLE new way." 
– Sarah Neustadter, PhD, Clinical & Transpersonal Psychologist


“My time with Lisa and the horses was, and is, life changing. I reflect on what I learned often, it’s changed my interactions with everything. Highly recommend this experience.”

— Jack Abbot, CEO of Oak Creek Trail, President of TEDxSanDiego


 "One of the most eye-opening and profound experiences in my life. What horses can teach you is beyond words...it's an opportunity I hope everyone can experience in their lifetime."
– Lisa Desantis Kirchmer, artist and business owner


I found equus training to be instrumental in illustrating several important facets of good management as well as pitfalls. "

– Scott Scott Starkey, VP and GM, aviation aerospace company


"Working with Lisa and the horses was such a powerful way to see myself and embody new life lessons.  Lisa’s skillful coaching helped me to process the interactions I had with the horses and then weave them into a metaphor for how I operate in the world. "
– Pete Kirchmer, founder Mindfulness Based Health


“There is something gravely exhilarating about being in the center of a round ring with a 1,500 pound animal who is so sensitive to your energy that you can’t wear sunglasses. Working with Lisa was an unforgettable experience, as her deep intuition and quietly assertive guidance brought me a wealth of self insight.”

– Stephanie Weaver, experience consultant, food blogger, author