a post-war moment, ready to take life on.

a post-war moment, ready to take life on.

About Lisa Boinnard

I guide people and organizations toward greater sentience – more awareness of self and other. I work in a relational framework, because we are connected beings. I hold space so that transformation can occur. I believe in heart, imagination, and the sacred value of life.


Education and Certifications

I am a lifelong student. I believe in the old practice of apprenticeships and have studied with great masters in meditation, equine facilitation, coaching, and indigenous psychology. I am presently a doctoral student in clinical psychology, with an emphasis in depth psychology at the Pacifica Graduate Institute, because I am passionate about the psyche, trauma, myth, Jung, and scholarly research. I hold a BA from Dartmouth College, and a MA from the New School, Parsons School of Design.

A Little More History

My life has been a rich tapestry of experiences that has provided for an openness for the diversity of my clients. Born in Vietnam at the end of the war, I was a refugee at the age of four. With over one hundred people stuffed into a tiny fishing boat, I escaped a war-broken country and ended up living on a deserted island, in a wild jungle for a year. Clearly, life was not meant to be typical.