Create and explore to the cadence of what is real within you.

Private One-on-One Sessions


I help people find their center. Presence in the midst of change and challenges creates a gravitational pull towards clarity and purpose. Presence gives us a sense of the original Self, of what wants to be created next, of what is important and how to choose. 


Sentience is the capacity for soulful, animal embodiment.

I help clients become more sentient, more sensitive and aware of their inner and outer worlds. Dreams, symbols, myth, and archetype. Belief systems, unacknowledged emotions, patterns, and habits. The breath of nature and our animal bodies. Heart. Desire. Imagination.

Sentience lets us come alive to the world. It is a catalyst to how we navigate life, how we relate and connect, how we create. 


Work with Me One-on-One

Come meet life with an inner understanding. I'm here to support you in becoming an intrepid traveler of your inner and outer worlds, to be a deliberate participant in shaping a meaningful life. My clients work with me to:

  • move through significant times of change,
  • face what seems unbearable (separation, divorce, illness, loss)
  • reshape business and personal relationships,
  • engage in conscious parenting while balancing work and purpose,
  • shift behavioral and emotional patterns that no longer serve,
  • redefine identity,
  • cultivate a spiritual or soulful life,
  • conjure a life that matches the rhythm of the heart.

Our work together will be to explore these frontiers and engage in practices that cultivate understanding and transformation. You get to lead what we address.

I combine both personal and executive coaching, because as much as we'd like to compartmentalize family, work, relationships into personal and professional, wherever we go, there we are. It is more effective to address the human behind each mask you wear, because then, we speak to the whole of who you are.

Our work is confidential. I do not write, blog, or speak about my clients, so you may have the space and relief of free expression.

"Lisa’s ability to observe, connect and provoke both inspires and pushes you out of your comfort zone – two required ingredients for personal growth." – Mark Tomaszewicz, Ambassador of Joy, PIRCH

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Sessions can be scheduled for video chat or in-person in La Jolla, CA. I work primarily through ongoing client relationships, since familiarity and deep practice are keystones to effectiveness. Frequency of sessions is based on individual need.


  • 1 one-hour session, with email follow-up – $175
  • 1 two-hour session, with email follow-up - $300

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