Please Note: I am presently not available for equus coaching. However, I do incorporate the wisdom of this work in my 1:1 private coaching sessions


Equus coaching creates self awareness through experiential learning and metaphor. You are coached by horses and me, a master trained equus facilitator.

I generally guide my clients to have at least one equus experience, as it is a significant catalyst to coming to know your true nature as only Nature is capable of seeing.

You don’t need any horse experience, there’s no riding. We do simple exercises from the ground with coaching observations, a chance for you to see yourself through the eyes of these sensitive four-legged masters.

Engaging with horses in this manner helps you remember that your own consciousness is embodied within a very wise animal, your own body.

It may seem unconventional, until you remember we are Nature.

Mirroring and Feedback

Your life, the situations and people that surround you, are always mirroring your interiority and giving you feedback. But it can be a complicated web, difficult to see with objectivity.

A horse will gently and clearly reflect how you hold yourself from within, and how you show up in the world. You are seen in your entirety in the clear awareness of silence. Since horses don’t use verbal language, they teach us to access a much more profound level of awareness and communication. 

The work is honest and deeply effective. It’s a chance to work through blind spots and deep ruts, as nature is a portal to bring you back to balance and harmony.

 Lisa and one of her four-legged partners with a client.

Lisa and one of her four-legged partners with a client.


Private Individual Equus Coaching Sessions

Equus sessions take place in Ramona, CA, approximately 45 minutes east of San Diego and 2.5 hours from Los Angeles. You will engage in a series of coached exercises with horses on the ground. There is no ridingand no horse experience is needed. It is only asked that you honor our equine partners with respect and kindness.

Coaching Fees:

Half-day private equus session + integration follow-up coaching – $900
- pre-work
- half day with horses and coach
- one hour follow-up coaching integration session (phone or video chat) 

Two half-day intensive private equus sessions + integration follow-up coaching – $1700
- pre-work
- two back-to-back half days with horses and coach
- one hour follow-up coaching integration session (phone or video chat) 


Pairs Equus Coaching Sessions

Bring a friend, a business partner, a significant other, and you will have the chance to learn how to engage with others in highly collaborative, synchronized states of flow. You will identify where you tend to have challenges in connecting, communicating, and leading together. Horse and coach will show you how to engage beyond language, in a deeply instinctual and fluid way that lets you create and get things done with more power and less effort.

The session begins with emphasis on each of you as individuals, then together. Horses are masters at relating with one another and will teach you how to engage with others with authenticity and effectiveness. You will gain awareness about yourself and your partner and have the chance to develop more empathy and trust.