Retreat Experiences with the Equus Collective

Teams that have clear, assertive, inspired, and energetic individuals, who know how to exist as a collective, create effective and meaningful companies.

How can teams learn from horses?

Existing in a state of flow is exactly how a herd of horses functions. Equine leadership takes on a fluid model, with the most aware and capable individuals stepping forward in the right moment to act and lead. Clear communication is critical in the wild, to keep herds moving together as there are strength in numbers. To survive, instincts are highly developed, along with assertive action. 

Nature was not designed for survival of the fittest, but to thrive in community and collaboration. 

Horses are incredible teachers in leadership and communication. Time spent learning from these four-legged masters is deep experiential learning — a process that can create significant and lasting shifts.


Objective, honest feedback to accelerate change

Creating significant change within an organization requires a willingness to face what shows up, from a place of objectivity, honesty, and kindness. People receive 100% honest and clear feedback from the horses. 

Horses have the profound ability to pick up on how we do things. As facilitating coaches, we help you understand why you do them, so you can consciously choose different ways of being and doing, in the arena and out in the world.


Developing presence

Stress is endemic at work. It reduces productivity, increases the likelihood for conflict and poor decision making, and drains energy and creativity. So much of this stress occurs from our overactive minds. And when you’re stressed, you communicate your level of stress on a nonverbal level to everyone around you.

Being with and learning from Nature helps us to exist in a calm, lucid state. Practicing equanimity, you tap into greater awareness of a situation and open up to being guided by the intelligence of your instincts.


Rising as one

Learning healthy herd and tribe skills are critical to effective teams. To get there, we begin with the individual to create self awareness and a strong foundation, and build up to exercises that involve team collaboration and communication.

We practice skills of clear communication, critical to handling conflict management and strong ideation and planning. 


Instinctual, fluid leadership

Developing self awareness, strong instincts, and clear communication establishes a powerful field of creativity and flow. When each individual steps into presence and clarity, then leadership flows. The right person steps in to do what's needed in the moment. Collaboration can exist with awareness and clear communication. 

We practice these skills with the horses, and you and your team learn to integrate new ways of being through experiential learning. 

How you do anything is how you do everything.
— Koelle Simpson

Custom crafted experiences

Each equus workshop experience is customized to meet the needs of your team. An equus experience is an effective part of annual retreats, strategy off-sites, and management training, and can be conducted in multiple locations throughout the world. Retreats are usually 1 to 3 day experiences, and support follow-up coaching is available to assist with integration.

We have facilities throughout California, including the Bay Area, North Star Ranch near San Luis Obispo, and in San Diego. We can also arrange for workshops throughout the U.S., Europe, and Dubai.

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The Equus Collective

The Equus Collective is made up of master-trained facilitators, many who have extensive business backgrounds in global corporations, startups, and consultancies. Team workshops are facilitated by at least two coaches.


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Koelle Simpson

Life coach and horse whisperer, Koelle Simpson, offers a new perspective on communication and trust development. She is honored to have received extraordinary educational experiences and opportunities with individuals who are working to have a positive impact on the world. Her mission in life is to help others rebuild trust in themselves as well as in their relationships with others and as a result unleash the powerful leader with in each of us. 

Koelle Simpson shares her work in speaking engagements and transformational workshops all throughout the U.S., Europe, South Africa and United Arab Emirates. Her work most recently appeared in an O Magazineˆ article, Horse Sense.



Lisa Tran

For leadership teams, Lisa creates equus experiences to shift organizations into a higher state of collaboration and flow. She continues to be awestruck by what a horse awakens within those who walk into a round pen. 

A certified coach and master equus facilitator trained by Dr. Martha Beck and Koelle Simpson, Lisa also has 15 years experience in innovation planning, branding, and building digital experiences for Fortune 500 companies and Internet startups. Since 2010, Lisa has been a session curator and speaker coach for TEDx San Diego. She holds a BA from Dartmouth College and a MA from Parsons School of Design. 



Diane Hunter

Diane Hunter helps clients reconnect with their inner guidance system and shows them the way to establish trust and leadership in their relationships.  She discovered her passion for equus coaching through her personal journey raising a child with autism.  She now shares her knowledge and stories with clients who want to learn how to listen beyond words and open up to the power of non-verbal communication.

Her background includes a degree in computer science (BSc), and certification as an Equus Coach through Koelle Simpson. and Life Coach through Martha Beck Inc..  She is an endorsed Mind-Body Coach through The Healthy Life Coach and her personal interest in neuroscience and the mind-body connection began when she healed her own back pain.


Erin Cutshall

Erin Cutshall combines equus coaching with a background of 20 years of finance and leadership experience in Fortune 100 companies working both in the U.S. and internationally. She has a M.A. in Organizational Leadership and is certified by the Robert K Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership. Erin believes leadership is all about authenticity and she loves helping people understand and accept who they really are. In her experience, there is no better way to do that than by spending time with a horse. She lives in Salt Lake City Utah with her two amazing children.


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Kelly Eide

Kelly Eide is a business coach and consultant with over 18 years experience in strategy execution and organizational development. She holds an MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management, a Black Belt in Six Sigma, PMP Certification (PMI) and she is an international award assessor for EFQM. Kelly is also a Certified Life Coach (Martha Beck) and an EQUUS Coach, using horses to help individuals and organizations develop leadership competencies.



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