Inside Out Strategic Planning, Innovation, Crisis Management, and Leadership Development


Inner work within an organization activates genius and tribe

The vitality and sense of connectedness within each member of your team is directly correlated to the vitality of your organization. People who come to work with a deep sense of meaning and belonging build amazing companies.

I engage as a strategic partner to support executive teams during processes of team building, strategic planning, crisis management, and leadership development. I often team up with a select cadre of coaches and facilitators to create the right experiential alchemy. 


The pink elephant in the Office Building

Good people, bright minds, solid processes, even strong visions and plans do not always create thriving organizations. Why? Because they are external and at times mechanistic solutions that are disconnected from our inner realities. People show up to work not only as the role and function they play, but with vast inner worlds that contain blind spots, projections, cultural conditioning, and at times, unhealed traumas, all of which impact an organization's efforts. 

Professional compartmentalization is not possible. Our inner worlds leak out everywhere we go. Oddly, this inner world is like a pink elephant in building. No one is willing to admit it exists. Learning to accept and explore these places, to discuss them openly and authentically, creates fundamental shifts in organizations and their power to create.

Internal awareness and tools to create greater self-accountability, collaboration, and imaginative flexibility gives organizations an intense amount of resilience, clarity, and creative prowess. 


Rise as One

The vitality and longevity of your organization is dependent on collaboration between aligned individuals – a known-sense of each person belonging to a vision-driven collective. Learn how to operate as a system of fluid leadership. Create a shared sense of vision and agreement. Guide people within your team to be within their integrity, communicate with clarity, develop strong relationships, and jump into inspired action.


Explore new models, build new systems

In addition to inner work, my team and I help organizations move beyond scarcity models into abundance mindset, from survival of the fittest to collaboration and sustainability, from hierarchy to fluid leadership, from stories about being the best to stories that stir our collective imagination. All of this becomes possible once we shift inner constructs of what is possible. 



We begin with situational observations and interviews to gain an assessment of your organization's needs. No two organizations are the same, so we customize every engagement. Together, we develop a plan of individual coaching sessions, meeting mediation, workshops, and intensive planning sessions. 

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