Stillness and Space

by Lisa Boinnard in

Life can often feel like white river rafting, the rush rush of the currents overwhelming everything, no matter how great or poor the adventure. At this pace, life crowds. If the ride goes on too long, we can't sustain the energy, focus, stamina required. 

I am a very extroverted person, and I like life to dance, to move. But all of this activity requires balance. I suffer when there is not enough stillness. I suffocate and feel drained. 

There are many acts to create stillness. Any meditative act, whether a sitting practice or a moving one. Just something to experience stillness, silence. An easy one is to go into nature, even if it's just your backyard. Sit. Be still. Entrain yourself with the plants, the birds. Just be with nature, because nature's profound rhythm of stillness and presence will synchronize with you.

Stillness is a practice. The more you experience it, the better your access point. VIP access to stillness is like gold. 

Here, you will find space in the stillness. And space is what freedom, clarity, creativity crave.