The Journey Inward and Beyond

by Lisa Boinnard in

There are two worlds. At least. Simply put, there's the physical world we can all attest to, the one that is easy to touch, see, taste, hear, smell. And then there is the invisible, unspoken world. The one alive within each of us. The one swirling around us that most of us no longer have the ability to notice and understand.

I'm talking about the dreams you have at night. The thoughts, conscious and unconscious that swirl around your mind. The feelings that beat in your gut and heart. The energy that runs through the world. 

Unconscious, subconscious, mystical, ephemeral, existential...we give names to this second world that make it beyond reach, beyond access, foreign and alien. Perhaps a little terrifying. But what if it is simply a world we have forgotten to talk about, over the thousands of years of left brain domination?

I consider my university degrees and my consulting days at places like the New York Stock Exchange and tech companies in Silicon Valley. And I often wonder, what place does this second world have within a first world context? Yet, it's a time when I believe it is most critical for each of us to have a more intimate relationship with this other, yet ever-present world. It just may save us. 

The unseen may be unfamiliar and foreign, but it is not unreal. It is not inaccessible. Carlos Castaneda wrote about the second attention, a different level of awareness to be cultivated that provides us access to the unknown. A second attention for the second world, so that we stop living divided and asleep to the other realities of our existence.