Presence Through Your Body

by Lisa Boinnard in

There is an intelligence that many of us have little awareness of – the wisdom that is constantly in communication with us from our bodies. Bodies speak the language of truth-telling. Unlike our trickster minds. 

In my coaching practice, I've come to notice how many of us are numb from the neck down. Sometimes illness or physical trauma has caused our attention to flee from our bodies. Sometimes painful emotions make us focus upward. But most of the time, I think it's because we live in a culture of headiness. We use "I feel" much less than "I think."

Culturally, bodies are also intended for the gym, the beach, the bedroom, but not the office, at dinner, in deep conversation. This separation causes deep rifts in the psyche, in moments when we need the truth and reality of our bodies the most. 

Emotions express within the body, and if left unfelt, they get trapped there. Instinct whispers from the gut. Desire and love emanate from the heart. Who knows how your knees reveal themselves, or what your hands have to say. 

We are a culture of body-objectification. But we are hardly ever in relationship with our bodies. I believe this is why so many of us get sick. We have forgotten how to listen, how to be in deep and intimate conversation with the wise animal-bodies that are so able to care for us.