Wonder and Awe

by Lisa Boinnard in ,

Remembering how to be curious about the world is a practice of cultivating exuberance and creativity.

Not questioning the reality of our existence, the meaning of why we are here, the vastness of the universe and the microcosm, not facing any of these questions by pretending we know exactly what this life and reality are all about – this is a condition that creates anxiety and low-grade malaise in all of us. 

It's not about finding answers. To understand everything is not possible. Reality is too vast. But to question. To wonder. To be in a state of awe. It's the way we came into the world as children. To retain, to cultivate this innocent state is to stay connected to the beauty and mystery of our reality. It is how we can live life with a sense of openness.

To ignore existential questioning is to pretend to be in control. To isolate our lives from the greater mysteries and focus entirely on our immediate needs, desires, worries, our individual selves, is to be cut off from the grand ecosystem of life that sustains us. I believe this causes neuroses because a part of the self thirsts and starves from being so cut off.

Wonder, awe, and appreciation of beauty allow us to stay in a state of heightened creative potential. These feeling states are the access point to creating, innovating, making...from a place of belonging and connectedness.