Let Transformation Be an Act of Self Care

by Lisa Boinnard in

When nature goes through transformations – caterpillar to butterfly, tadpole to frog – it is an act of creation and becoming. Too often, when humans engage in an effort of change, we make it an act of destruction and self-criticism. We want to change from a place of shame or guilt. I must change because who I am presently is not good enough.

If you notice shame or guilt within your motivation for change, then what needs to be transformed is not you, but the beliefs that hold you to these feelings.

Radical transformation has to come from a place of self care, for it to take you towards yourself. Otherwise, you end up changing for everyone else. This kind of change will not free you. It will have you waking up one day, wondering who you are, as I once did.

The pull to become more of yourself has a promise of freedom to it, a feeling of deep familiarity, it tastes of inspiration and joy. It may have a dash of fear, as the unknown often casts shadows, but it will not crush your sense of self. 

Get curious about why you yearn for change. If the feelings squeeze at your sense of self, then tend to this first. Let transformation safeguard, honor, and elevate your true nature.