Essential Practices

My approach is grounded in the following essential practices, which lead to the ultimate act of self care:

Cultivating Awareness and Presence 

We are the product of conscious and unconscious beliefs, thoughts, emotions, memories, and feeling states. There is an "I" that we are aware of, and a Self that is often a mystery. Inner work is the process of cultivating awareness, mapping out the landscape of your psyche, the intelligence of your body, heart, and spirit. Presence is the practice of being, a place of power.

Owning Your Story

We are a culture of other people's stories and beliefs. Usually, we are told who we are and why we are, from the beginning. Traumatic experiences further shape the stories of our reality. Ask yourself, Was there an act of choice in my story? It is a process of stalking old stories and shaping new ones that hold deeper meaning for you. Powerful stories create lives full of meaning.

Dancing with the Intelligence of Life

I have found it an act of freedom to adopt the understanding that life has an intelligence, that the cosmos is in your favor and not against you, that things always happen for a reason. That everything exists in relation to everything else – we are deeply connected. Within this understanding, life is imbued with meaning. To own your story, you need to know how to dance with fate – the cards that life hands you – and make meaning for yourself. 

Finding Nature Within

Nature holds the mysteries of our true nature, and we have become distant to its reality. To be disconnected from nature is to be disconnected from your true self, from the nature within. It is to be isolated and no longer belong to the realities of life on Earth. Learning to commune with Nature brings you back into alignment with the the true nature of the Self.

Harmonizing the Masculine and Feminine

Regardless of gender, we each have masculine and feminine qualities within, and when these qualities are in harmony, we become empowered forces of nature. When they are in harmony within our relationships, it elevates intimacy, communication, and creativity flow. Know how to recognize your own imbalances and nurture the qualities that wait to be awakened.

Knowing the Rhythm of Your Heart

The truth of who you are is written in your heart. There is a natural rhythm, a cadence with which your life is meant to move. When you are able to let yourself be, relaxed and unconstrained, true desire arrives to help you conjure experiences you have longed for. 

Cultivating Imagination

Imagination, this is the elixir of life. It has the power of alchemy to change the psyche, create your future, and take you deeper into the present moment. Imagination is the creative force that unlocks your potential. 

Connecting in Community

The idea of "I am because we are" is a critical one to coming into wholeness with the Self. Learn how to create conscious, supportive relationships and community to support your personal growth. No different from nature, we must live within an ecosystem that supports our existence.

Mastering Tools & Techniques for Freedom

My wish for all of my clients is the same one I have for myself, to have access to what is needed for transformation. This is the part of teaching you how to fish by sharing tools and techniques that empower your journey. This includes meditation and mindfulness, journaling, intention setting, conscious storytelling, body awareness, dreaming, and strengthening intuition and instinct. Most importantly, I will support you in cultivating deep practice of these tools.


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