The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature.
— Joseph Campbell

About Lisa Boinnard

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I guide people and organizations toward greater sentience – more awareness of self and other. I work in a relational framework, because we are connected beings. I hold space so that transformation can occur. I believe in cultivating heart, imagination, and instinct.

My clients are people who care about living a meaningful existence. They are curious about the depths of their inner reality and ready to commit to deep practice. I care about guiding them through profound change and growth.


Credentials and Certifications

The field of coaching is like the wild, wild West. There are few standards, and it is difficult to understand what constructs an effective coach. I have worked to apply my own filters. I am exceptionally discerning about who gets to touch my psyche – which means, I strive to be as respectful in engaging with you. Along with my personal life lessons, I have been actively studying and practicing coaching and facilitation since 2010. I have been a consultant since 1998. I am a lifelong student.

I believe in the age-old practice of apprenticeship and have studied with gifted teachers in meditation, equus coaching (partnering with horses to work with people), life coaching, somatic therapy, trauma work, and indigenous psychology. These people have indelibly altered my sense of self and world, and I endeavor to pass on their wisdom.

I am a certified master equus facilitator through the Koelle Institute, and a certified life coach with Martha Beck, PhD. I am presently a doctoral student in clinical psychology, with an emphasis in depth psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute; I am passionate about the psyche, trauma, myth, and scholarly research. I hold a BA from Dartmouth College, and a MA from the New School, Parsons School of Design.

 A post-war moment, ready to take on life.

A post-war moment, ready to take on life.

A Little More History

My life has been a rich tapestry of experiences that has provided for an openness for the diversity of my clients. Born in Vietnam at the end of the war, I was a refugee at the age of four. With over one hundred people stuffed into a tiny fishing boat, I escaped a war-broken country and ended up living on a deserted island in Indonesia, in a wild jungle for a year. Clearly, life was not meant to be typical.

From the island to Sparks, Nevada, I eventually went on to an ivy league education. The winds of grace have blessed my life. I have spent three years in biochemistry and genetics labs, I worked with beauty at Sotheby's auction houses in London and Paris, and I have sixteen years experience as a brand and innovation strategist for executive teams such as at the New York Stock Exchange, Pepsico, early-stage startups, software companies like New Relic, and change makers like Danielle LaPorte. I served for three years as a session curator and speaker coach for TEDx San Diego.

I am also a spouse, step-parent to three children, and friend of all things furry and feathered. My life has been a mix of atrocities and abundance, in many ways a reflection of our reality. We live in a world of technological brilliance, climate change, war, and a time of more refugees crossing borders than ever before.

What we need in these volatile times are people who are willing to nurture their inner lives so that together, we can bring meaning, beauty, and kindness to the world.

A path is only a path....ask yourself, and yourself alone this one question. Does this path have a heart?
— Carlos Castaneda
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