Life. Business. Love. Meaning. Consciousness.

We have the capacity to be deeply feeling, conscious, sentient beings.

Animal bodies, mythic psyches, poetic hearts are often held captive within success, crisis, frustration, and collective ennui.

Inner work is about cultivating awareness of your patterns and unconscious acts, coming to know the expansiveness of the Self, and engaging in conversation with life and its mysteries.

The objective? To be free. To feel enlivened. To choose. To create and explore according to the cadence of what is real within you.

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"Lisa has an amazing ability to observe you at your core and help you build a powerful vision that fits like your favorite pair of jeans." – Chuck Longanecker, CEO Digital Telepathy
"Lisa offers a rare gift of insight and guidance within a container of love, inspiration and transcendence." – Sarah Neustadter, PhD, Clinical & Transpersonal Psychologist